Youth Director

Church Profile: First and foremost, Long Beach Alliance Church (LBAC) is a church gripped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel has secured us in our salvation, is sanctifying us as disciples, and is our hope for future glorification with God in eternity. We are theologically Gospel-centered, a church delighted by the all-sufficient centrality of the Gospel! The Gospel has chosen us for adoption, selected as God’s own family. We take family seriously at Long Beach Alliance, treating one another as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, grandparents and grandchildren. We love our church family at LBAC! We believe that when you put the Gospel into action inside the walls of a church, an authentic community of family is produced. At LBAC, the Gospel compels us to be functionally family-oriented. There is nothing God desires more from our church family than for us to reflect His glory. There is nothing that reflects the glory of God more than our intentional participation in the mission of God to seek and save those who are still lost. We believe that when you put the Gospel into action outside the walls of a church, individual purposes are intentionally replaced with a passionate other-person missional-focus. Like any church, there is a lot more to know about us. But these principles are the most significant. We are a Gospel centered church family fully engaging the greatest mission in history.


We’re not just looking to fill a leadership role for Student Ministries. We are looking for someone who wants constant Gospel renewal with us, someone who seeks their significance through authentic service in a church family – a person prepared to lead the charge in unleashing the message of the Gospel onto and into an increasingly polarized cultural context.


We are convinced that teenagers are the church of today as well as the church of tomorrow. We are looking for someone who takes teens seriously and treats them with authentic respect and love in the midst of all their accomplishments – but especially in their failures. If kids can’t “fail well” in our church family, we believe they will “fail badly” somewhere else. This is life-on-life, down in the trenches, blood-sweat-n-tears kind of stuff. This is not a job for the gimmicky, the weak, or the timid! This is a clarion call to change the world. This is the job in your life that doesn’t just change others, this will change you. None of us will ever be the same. If you are prepared, truly prepared, to leave a legacy of the Gospel among the teenagers of Long Beach all the way to the far reaches of the universe, this just might be a good place for you to work. Does this stoke a fire already burning in your soul? If it does, we would be excited to meet you and consider what God has for a mutual future.


It’s also worth mentioning… LBAC is part of a phenomenal denomination committed to the Great Commission, the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Our church has served the Long Beach community since before any of us were born, and has done particularly well with kids and youth. Our church website has more information about our staff team, location, and some of the ministries which extend beyond students. You can check all of that out @ 


Character Profile: The Youth Director will be a servant to the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will be an exemplary Christ-follower, possessing godly character and maturity manifest in distinctive moral principles and integrity. They will live a Gospel-centered life prioritizing their relationship with God and their own family. The Youth Director will work under the leadership of our Lead Pastor and will be distinguished in their submission to authority as they faithfully follow the Lord. They will be an inspiring servant-leader, expressing their Spirit-gifting through relationships among those they serve. They will possess a strong work ethic and teachable spirit. They will be gifted relationally, revealed through understandable, clear, and respectful communication. They will exhibit strong interpersonal skills with compassion, approachability, and enthusiasm.


Position Description: The Youth Director will provide inspiring leadership for ministries which include Middle School (6th–8th grades) and Senior High School (9th–12th grades). They will be a “hands-on” pastor for both Middle School & High School Ministries, using efficient administrative skills to organize a comprehensive youth ministry. They will develop age-appropriate discipleship ministries with an emphasis on dynamic Gospel-centered outreach approaches. They will recruit and lead a committed group of volunteer staff comprised of adults, collegiate students, and leadership calibre High School Juniors & Seniors (being trained for Middle School ministry). The Youth Director will be a contagious leader and an inspirational trainer. They will be a team player, working with their volunteers to develop intentional discipleship groups along with global and local (“glocal”) outreach support & involvement. They will have an obvious love for students, and provide support & communication with parents which encourages and supports families. They will be infectious in their love of the Gospel, spreading the fame of Jesus Christ to families, students, and the whole world.


Organizational Structure: The Youth Director loyally serves under the leadership of our Lead Pastor, and staff oversight by our church elders. The Youth Director serves alongside all other paid staff & numerous unpaid volunteers.



  1. Demonstrates Gospel-centered character outlined in the ‘Character Profile.’
  2. Demonstrates competence in the areas outlined in the ‘Position Description.’
  3. Demonstrates a clear calling to Gospel-centered youth ministry.
  4. Will be a hand’s-on leader for Middle School & High School ministries (which meet separately), conducting regular age-appropriate mid-week & Sunday morning meetings.
  5. Able to utilize ‘Safe Place’ guidelines to maximize a safe and secure environment for student including background checks, facility safety, activity safety, and the highest standards of integrity between the Youth Director, volunteer leadership, and with students.
  6. Will work under the Lead Pastor to develop curricula choices enhanced through exciting and visionary training and support for small groups led by ministry volunteers.
  7. Will take a leadership role (along with our Children’s Ministry Director) in fundraising for ministry-oriented events, with a special focus on an annual golf tournament (or equally large-scope fundraiser) raising funds for a growing Hume Lake Summer Camp ministry for students ranging from 3rd Grade through Senior High.
  8. Will take a leadership role (with our Children’s Ministry Director) to incorporate Middle School & High School AWANA students as part of the larger ‘Student Ministry Universe.’ 
  9. In support of the AWANA Commander (and our Children’s Ministry Director) will develop personal connections with incoming 5th grade AWANA students and their parents by speaking a few times a year and assisting with large AWANA outreach events (e.g. Opening Night, Grand Prix, Gladiator Night, Awards Ceremony). The goal for our Youth Director is “bridging” 5th graders (and their parents) from their elementary school experience to the bigger & louder Student Ministries Universe.
  10. Will co-coordinate & lead (with our Children’s Ministry Director) a week-long Summer VBS program for Middle School students simultaneous with the Children’s Ministry VBS (for kids up through 5th grade). Middle School VBS (in reality) is a daytime Summer Camp for 6th-8th graders, and is one of our largest outreaches/activities for Middle School students.
  11. Preferred completion of Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry or related field of study.
  12. We prefer applicants already licensed and ordained with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). If the applicant does not meet this requirement, we expect licensing and ordination/consecration be completed as soon as possible through the C&MA.


Financial & Positional Details:

  • The Youth Director position is a full-time, salaried staff position working under the immediate leadership of the Lead Pastor.
  • $45K salary is commensurate with position and student ministry experience.
  • Position includes benefits detailed in our LBAC Employee Handbook (provided during interview process).



Applicants are requested to provide PDF’s of both résumé and reference letters. Please send to the “Youth Director Search Committee” ~