Associate Pastor of Worship and Family

Position:  Associate Pastor of Worship and Family

Position Qualifications:

  • Personal relationship with and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • This position serves as an ex officio member of the Elder Board; therefore, this man must meet the qualifications of an elder as listed in 1 Timothy and Titus.
  • Thorough knowledge of Scripture (College level or Bible school training strongly preferred).
  • Subscribe to the Statement of Faith, Constitution, By-Laws, goals, and policies of Faith Baptist Church.
  • Proven involvement in fruitful ministry within a local church (experience in vocational ministry a plus, though not absolutely necessary).
  • A pastor’s heart evident in:

A “Great Commandment” love for God and others.

A “Great Commission” commitment to evangelism and discipleship.

A passion for equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry.

A team player mindset evidenced in loyalty to the congregation, its                        mission, the elders and church staff.

A commitment to prayer for the church family.

  • Effective communication skills.
  • Ability to recruit, motivate and equip volunteer teams.
  • Have full support of spouse to the ministry (if married).
  • Experienced guitar or keyboard player, and vocally proficient in praise and worship style of music.

Position Responsibilities: (including, but not limited to)

The Associate Pastor’s ministry time and emphasis will primarily focus on worship and family; to be defined as:

  • Worship (approximately 30-40% of the position)
  1. Planning, preparation and coordination of worship services with input and direction from the lead pastor.
  2. Selection of all worship music (both traditional and contemporary).
  3. Coordination of special music, and special worship events.
  4. Coordinate worship team schedule and practice.
  5. Work with the Finance Committee to develop and implement the worship budget.
  6. Maintain presentation software, database and CCLI License information
  7. Oversee Sound Techs, Songshow programming, and system maintenance
  8. Lead Worship at weekly services and select special events.
  9. Recruiting, training, and scheduling people for morning services.
  10. Make sure sound booth is manned for funerals, weddings, and special events.
  11. Confirm that radio programs and website downloads are prepared by Sound Tech.
  12. Oversee preparation of sound equipment and stage needs for services.
  • Family (approximately 50-60% of the position)
  1. Develop and maintain a trained and coordinated leadership team of adults and parents from the congregation to help with youth ministry functions.
  2. Cooperate with the youth leadership team to develop programs designed to:

-disciple youth in the Scriptures and Christian character

-evangelize churched and unchurched youth.

-create fellowship opportunities for believing youth.

-encourage equipping of our youth through involvement in other church ministries

  1. Serve as mentor for youth interns you help recruit.
  2. Chair (and voting ex officio member) of the Christian Education Commission, and will serve as the Elder Board representative.
  3. Plan and execute a yearly calendar for the youth ministries.
  4. Phone calls to students and leaders as needed.
  5. Plan weekly youth program along with other youth leaders.
  6. Evaluate progress of the program and spiritual health of each youth.
  7. Keep parents informed of youth events and youth needs.
  8. Endeavor to be involved in the schools in such a way as to support youth from our church family and to establish relationships with school faculty and with students.
  9. Oversee and manage the youth ministry budget.

Position Additions: (approximately 10-20% of the position)

  • The Associate Pastor will assist the Lead Pastor in equipping the congregation to fulfill the mission and purpose of the Church.
  • Involvement in additional areas of ministry in coordination with the Elder Board will include: pulpit supply, teaching, visitation, general pastoral care, attendance at staff and Elder Board meetings.
  • Maintain scheduled office hours in building.
  • Conduct weddings, funerals, and counseling as needed.

A competitive salary and full benefit package will be set based upon education and experience.

To apply please send resume, references, and recording (digital) of you leading worship to:

Faith Baptist Church

ATTN: Pastor Stuart Boyer

777 N. Saginaw Ave.

Hines, OR 97738

Electronic Applications can be sent to:

For more information about the church, please visit: