One-Eighty Teen Center Internship

One-Eighty is a faith-based nonprofit “dedicated to the restoration of our city through 180º turns towards thriving physically, emotionally, & spiritually.”

Since 2002, Our mission has brought us into contact with at-risk young people with both big potential and big struggles. The One-Eighty Teen Center has been the centerpiece of our organization’s efforts to connect with these students and give them hope for the future. The Teen Center is a large facility that features a live music venue, skateboard ramps, coffeeshop/cafe, pool tables, air hockey, and video games—even a climbing wall. The Teen Center Intern’s job is open, run, and use this facility to create meaningful relationships that bring about positive change in the lives of the Teenagers who come through the doors. 

The Teen Center Internship is designed to be a 1 or 2-year introduction to ministry with an emphasis on at-risk young people. At the end of the internship, further employment may be open with the larger organization depending on fit and desire. Ultimately, this internship will prepare you for a future job in careers in ministry, counseling, education, and so much more. 


Position: Teen Center Intern 

  • 1-2 year Internship


  • $16/per hour @ approximately 22.5 hours 
  • Training in the areas of relational discipleship, non-profit programming, and mentoring

Reports to:

  •   Primary, One-Eighty Teen Center Program Director
  •   Executive Director(s)
  •   Neighborhood Impact Director (if working a school site for One-Eighty Community)


  • High school Diploma
  • 2+ years experience as a youth ministry volunteer, mentor or peer-mentor in a faith-based setting (preferred)
  • Clean background check


  • Committed faith in Jesus Christ as God, Savior and the way towards an “abundant life”
  • Demonstrates the tangible love of Jesus
  • Eagerness to learn new ways of demonstrating, communicating, and re-defining the love of Jesus to a non-believing world 
  • Strives for excellence in everything he/she does
  • Motivated self-starter
  • Able to build strong relationships of trust among diverse people
  • Desire to work with at-risk teenagers in a mentor role

Current Job Responsibilities:

  • Work four (4 hour) floor shifts at the Teen Center each week (including Friday Night), maintaining a positive attitude and atmosphere for the students by being an Eph. 4 team.
  • When rotating at the Teen Center: responsible to learn and provide consistency in the quality of our cafe product and responsible to input and maintain consistency in student data entry at the front desk
  • Foster a clean and safe environment at each site and arrive on time and prepared to work
  • Consistently abide by and enforce the guideline at each site, supporting the team and director.
  • Be active in at least 4 mentoring relationships and implement 180 Mentoring Program (1 individual & 1 group meeting per week = total 2 mentoring hours per week)
  • Model healthy encouragement and problem-solving strategies with students in regards to family, friends and jobs. 
  • Attend staff meeting & All-Team meeting
  • Work as a unified team with One-Eighty Programs 
  • Work diligently to complete the 1-2 year training for One-Eighty Interns, turning in all assignments on time and with excellence.
  • Meet monthly with the Teen Center Director to review your goals and responsibilities.
  • Help with various projects, fundraisers, and clean-up days for the One-Eighty as needed.
  • Be available for speaking engagements with the Executive Director, either in a professional counseling / mentoring atmosphere or fundraising (these hours will be in exchange for the mentoring hours, to be scheduled in advance).