Worst Resume Example

Resumes represent who you are on 1 sheet of paper. Good or bad, you will be judged based off of the layout, overall flow, and the information you choose to put on your resume. Choose wisely what facts to include as well as what to purposefully exclude. Pay attention to detail. Spelling errors and grammar mistakes are the easiest to spot and get your resume either pushed to the bottom of the pile or worse, thrown out.

Here is an example of what not to do on your resume.


Now that you’ve seen what not to do on a resume, take some time to review your resume and update it with fresh design, great formatting, and relevant information. Check out our blog on How To Write A Resume to get started and don’t become a worst resume example!

AUTHOR: HeidiCorrigan

DATE: 2016-07-21 07:43:00

CATEGORY: Job Seekers