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Graduate School Planning

The application process to graduate school is expensive and time-consuming; therefore, we offer services that enable you to locate the graduate program that best suits your occupational needs.

The following timetable was provided by the Council of Graduate Schools:

Summer: Write/draft statement of purpose. Start browsing through guides to graduate programs and college catalogs

September: Meet with faculty members to discuss statement and possible programs. Ask for letter of recommendation. Sign up for required standardized tests.

October: Take standardized tests. Request application materials from programs.

November: Order transcripts. Ask if your records office can send a transcript with your fall term grades in time to meet the deadlines of programs to which you are applying.

December: Complete application forms (do a draft on a photocopy of the form first). Give your professors who are writing letters of recommendation the forms to fill out, the address to which they should send their letters and copies of your statement of purpose, or your response to specific questions asked by the program.

December – January: Mail applications. Even if deadlines are later, it is good to get the applications in early.

February: Contact programs about the possibility of visiting. Make trips if possible.

April: If you are applying for need based financial aid programs, you may have to file a copy of your federal income tax return

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